House of Peace

Shanti Bhavan Medical Center opened in February 2014. “Shanti Bhavan” means “House of Peace”. The hospital campus consists of the 125 bed hospital and outpatient clinic, and apartment buildings for the doctors and nurses.  The Nurses’ Living quarters also serve as an interim place of education and training for nursing students. Inside and outside the walls of the hospital we expect to be interfacing with nearly 400,000 native villagers each year.
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Who is All India Mission?

Shanti Bhavan Medical Center was built by the Christian organization “All India Mission” under the leadership of N.J. Varughese. As the Indian government rules and regulations consistently change regarding non profit organizations, the hospital needed to separate from All India Mission-whose focus is evangelism.  Health for India was incorporated to continue the medical efforts that All India Mission began and further sponsor the hospital work and outreach programs for the future. All India Mission and Health for India will continue to work together in the future on social wellness programs.

In the first five years of opening, the staff at
Shanti Bhavan Medical Center has:

• Treated more than 80,000 patients
• Over 14,000 surgeries
• 345,000 lab tests
• 18,000 Patient X-rays
• 4,200 ECG’s
• 2,800 Patients’ CT scans
• 4,800 Ultrasounds
• 500 Babies Delivered
• 60 Open Heart Surgeries since mid 2016
• Employed more than 150 people

Treating more than 2,500 patients per month

Services and Specialties

• General Surgery
• Cardiology
• Ob/Gyn
• Pediatric Ward
• Anesthesiology
• Orthopedics
• Radiology
• Laboratory
• Internal Medicine
• Kidney Dialysis
• Dermatology
• Physiotherapy
• Pathology
• Dentistry
• General Practice
• Emergency Services
• Pharmacy

New Cardiology Department


Did You Know?  Heart attack kills one person every 33 seconds in India?


In India death from heart disease is at an all time high due to lifestyle, nutrition, and lack of medical services.  In June 2016 the Cardiology Department opened. World renowned cardiologist, Dr. James Thomas performed the first open heart surgery on a girl of 17 years. Dr. James Thomas is a cardio thoracic surgeon from Bangalore Baptist Hospital. He has performed more than 16,000 open heart surgeries and is working in our cardiology department. He comes every 6 weeks to see patients and operate. So far he has operated on 60 patients performing angiograms, double bypass, heart valve replacements and more.

The cardiology department is equipped with high end cardiology equipment, cardiac ICU and private patient rooms. The closest cardiology facility is located in Ranchi, a city of 3 million people 150 Km away. Thanks to generous donors millions of people have the facility and services available to help alleviate the risk of death by heart failure.

Future Plans of Shanti Bhavan Medical Center



India is known to have the highest number of blind people in the whole world. About 75% of these cases are avoidable! Cataracts, refractive errors, and glaucoma are treatable and with the opening of our Ophthalmology department we will be able to treat thousands of patients and keep them from going blind. Our Ophthalmology department is predicted to open in the Fall of 2019.


Expansion of SBMC


The 125 bed hospital and outpatient clinic will need to expand to 300 beds to be considered a teaching hospital. The first phase that consists of the current infrastructure took 7 years to build, as it was built by hand. Phase two will take many years of planning, construction and equipping. We hope to start Phase 2 in 2021.


School of Nursing


The plan for a School of Nursing has been in the works for many years. The nursing school will consist of classrooms, labs, library, cafeteria, and an auditorium. We hope to teach and train nurses who can do their internships at SBMC. These students will stay on campus at the Nurses’ Living Quarters. We are hoping to graduate 30 students per year.