Health For India Staff

NJ Varughese

Founder & CEO SBMC
Founder & President HFI
Founder & Director of AIM

As founder and president of Health for India, NJ oversees all aspects of the work in India. He also administers all funding to Health for India’s medical outreach programs and to Shanti Bhavan Medical Center. He spends approximately five months a year in India teaching, counseling, and providing leadership for over 700 workers. NJ travels extensively in the United States in an effort to build a bridge between the US and India. He is also responsible for casting vision and developing future plans, and fundraising strategies for All India Mission.

Hope Howe

Director of Operations

Hope oversees all of the day to day activities of the organization. She is responsible for building and developing donor relations, database maintenance, and fundraising processes. Hope manages donation processing and works to procure donated items to the hospital. Developing contacts within the medical and nonprofit communities is vital to her expanding position. She is also responsible for creating, formatting, writing, and editing all promotional materials, website updates, blogging, and social media updates. She also serves on the advisory board for Health for India.

Jerry Haney

Director of Development

Jerry heads up a major part of the fundraising cultivating new relationships with individuals and organizations. He is currently working to secure funding for additional programs of the medical center. Jerry is also responsible to help in the annual budgeting process, and he serves on Health for India’s Advisory Board, offering input, feedback and insight for the direction of the ministry.

Health for India Board Members

NJ Varughese


Dr. Anish Thomas


Dr. Anish Thomas, MD, is an Interventional Cardiologist in St. Louis, MO. He specializes in complex peripheral vascular interventions, treatment for critical limb ischemia and limb salvage, carotid artery stenting and percutaneous endovascular stent graft repair for abdominal aortic aneurysms. As an interventional cardiologist, Dr. Thomas performs the entire spectrum of coronary interventions.
In addition to his medical practice, Dr. Thomas is an adjunct assistant professor at St. Louis University and is often an invited faculty speaker at international, national and regional conferences. Additionally, he is a proctor for visiting physicians who come to observe his cases. Dr. Thomas is board certified by in endovascular and vascular medicine, interventional
cardiology, cardiovascular disease, cardiovascular computed tomography, nuclear cardiology, adult comprehensive echocardiography, vascular ultrasound and internal medicine.

Norman Przybylski


Norm Przybylski is a missions specialist focusing on cross cultural dynamics. His international experience spans over seventy countries from Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia, the South
Pacific, the Middle East, and throughout Europe. His work involves organizing Christian programs, conferences, and training seminars for many countries around the world; developing training materials, teaching, leading teams in cross-cultural environments, directing international training events, Bible teaching, preaching, providing pastoral care, and developing internationals for missionary service. He also speaks in conferences in various countries on subjects such as leadership, missions, sexual purity, marriage, cults, discipleship, and breaking strongholds.


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NJ Varughese

Founder & CEO SBMC
Founder & President HFI
Founder & Director of AIM

Prof. Dr. George Matthew,

Pres. Medical Services Group
Executive Dean Faculty of Medicine
and Medical School
Medical Director
Former Principal CMC Vellore
President/Director MIRIN

Arwin Sushil

Hospital Administrator SBMC
Former Administrator-
EHA group