Shanti Bhavan Medical Center

Shanti Bhavan Medical Center

Biru, Jharkhand, India
We Care, He Heals

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Rural Medical Services

• Travels up to 150 km treating as many as 125 patients per day
• Has treated more than 130,000 patients since it’s inception in 1999
• Provides nutrition and sanitation education to village families
• Provides vitamins, immunizations and tests for tb and diabetes
• Offers free medical care to all patients
• Triages critical care patients to Shanti Bhavan Medical Center

Funding Needs

• Salaries for medical team-$30,000
• Medical supplies and medicines-$10,000

Community Health Leaders Training

• Program to train 400 people to become village health practitoners
• 9 month training including classroom and field training
• Trained to teach nutrition and sanitation education
• Trained in first aid, midwifery, vaccinations, and basic healthcare delivery
• Each leader can reach as many as 600 villagers in their communities
• 64 leaders have been trained and are currently serving in their villagers

Funding Needs

• Tuition per student-$1,250
• Educators’ Salaries-$15,000 annually
• Medical Equipment and Supplies-$5,000 annually
• Approximately $420,000 needed to train remaining students


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