A Hospital Without Walls

Community Health Leaders


Not only does Shanti Bhavan Medical Center serve as an outpatient clinic and hospital for the 6,000 villages surrounding it; Shanti Bhavan Medical Center (SBMC) also serves as a medical education center.

The staff at SBMC trains classes of village men and women in basic healthcare so they can return to their native villages as trained medical practitioners to conduct nutritional and sanitation training as well as provide the first level of preventative healthcare, emergency care and triage those people who need additional medical care to Shanti Bhavan Medical Center.

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  • Preventative Healthcare

  • Administer First Aid

  • Emergency Care

  • Vaccinations/Inoculations

  • Midwifery

  • Nutrition/Sanitation Education

  • Triage patients to SBMC

The first class of trainees graduated in December 2013 and are now practicing in their villages. Upon graduation they were equipped with a “doctor’s bag”. In this bag are the essential tools they will need to administer vaccinations, check vitals, provide first aid and keep records. The graduates return every 6-8 months for advanced training.

Helpers to the Helpless

The Community Health Leaders Training program originally began as “Helpers to the Helpless”. In August 2015 they partnered with CMC Vellore to introduce the Community Health Lay Leaders program which was very similar to the “Helpers the Helpless”. This new curriculum was more condensed and intensive. Students must complete a one year course with 3 Contact Programs where students will experience classroom and field training before they can become certified. They have trained more than 60 out of 400 Community Health Leaders who are currently practicing in their own villages.


“I finished my CHL training and went back to my village to serve my people. So far I have helped more than 50 patients. I see people who suffer from sicknesses like malaria, conjunctivitis, cold & cough, diarrhea, anemia, weakness, toothache, back pain, cut injuries, gastritis. They would come to me for treatment and by the LORD’s grace I was able to help them by giving medicine and prayer.”


CHL-Kulda Lodham, Chhattisgarh

Curriculum Includes:

  • Daily Devotions
  • Human Anatomy
  • Common Illnesses
  • Communicable Diseases
  • Hygiene
  • Mother/Child Healthcare
  • Life Style Modification
  • Belief and Cultural practices
  • Bible Classes