Our Medical Director, Dr. George, took over his position a year ago.  He has been working very hard bringing reform to the hospital.  His medical expertise, administrative knowldge and deep network is helping our hospital grow!  A few weeks ago Dr. George went back to CMC Vellore, where he was the former Principal, to recruit new doctors to come and work at SBMC.  He was able to bring back a new pediatrician with him who is looking at our facility and several others will be coming to visit in the next few months.  Some doctors will bring teams to SBMC to hold specialty camps during their visit.  

Dr. George has also been making runs with the Rural Medical Services team visiting patients in remote villages.  Many times he will examine 40 patients per day!  There are times when these patients need have surgery, or more critical care than what they can receive in the village so Dr. George will pack them up and take them to the hospital for more advanced services.  These patients do not have to pay a penny for these services or any medications.  

Dr. George often travels around recruiting, teaching or speaking at medical conferences.  When he is at the hospital campus he starts his day with morning devotions at 8am and often doesn’t take a break, not even for lunch,until late in the evening because he is busy with patients, performing surgeries, directing the medical staff and much more. Most evenings he walks home for dinner and rests for a bit and then goes back to the hospital at night to check in with the night shift and to check on patients.  

We are so thankful to have such a highly qualified doctor leading our team at Shanti Bhavan Medical Center.  Dr. George’s goal for SBMC is “to become the next CMC Vellore in north India”.  He has the ability and drive to make this happen.  We can’t thank him enough for choosing to help us when many other hospitals were trying to recruit him at a higher salary, but his heart is for the poor people.  Please help Dr. George today by giving to Health for India. 

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