Prime Minister Modi rolled out the largest insurance system in the world about 6 months ago.  This new program aims to provide coverage for over 500 million citizens-known to be the poorest people in the world.  The government promises to pick up an average of $7,000 per family of medical costs-paid by each state. 

PM Narendra Modi to launch Ayushman Bharat scheme Sunday from Jharkhand  |  Photo Credit: BCCL

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Currently less than one third of India’s population has insurance. The government officials carrying out this new system have been traveling all over the country searching for current medical centers, clinics and hospitals that could provide exceptional services under this insurance program.  These facilities have to pass an inspection, have high end equipment, and a vast number of specialized services available in order to be considered.

Earlier this year a panel of officials visited Shanti Bhavan Medical Center for this purpose.  They were overwhelmed by our facilities.  No one expected to find a high caliber, modern hospital with advanced technology and equipment in the remote village of Simdega. Our hospital is the only hospital in our region that is approved for this certification. 

Dr. George Mathew and Dr. Krishna Birua performed the first operation under Ayushman Bharat Insurance Plan in the District of Simdega at Shanti Bhavan Medical Center, Biru, District Simdega. A female patient named Mrs. Sirka, 37 years of age, from Chinibari village, underwent a Laproscopic Cholecystectomy to remove gall stones.  The surgery was successful.  Afterwards the presiding government officials visited Mrs. Sirka.  She was doing quite well and was released to go home two days later.  Since then they have performed many surgeries under this plan including many heart surgeries, urology surgeries, and general surgeries.  

This new insurance plan is helping millions of the poor and needy people in India who suffer needlessly from treatable diseases.  Because of the influx of patients we are in need of 100 beds!  The patient flow has drastically increased and we are running out of beds.  We have the space to add an additional 100 beds.  Many hospitals in the US close down and donate beds and other equipment to charities such as ours.  If you have a lead on beds, please let us know! We will also need to purchase more equipment and supplies to outfit another 100 beds. If you are led to give, please donate today to help us continue to save the lives of the poor and needy!  We are so thankful to our generous donors who have helped build the hospital and keep it operating the last 4 years.

Help us provide more beds!