Shanti Bhavan Medical Center celebrates 5 years!  This 125 bed hospital and outpatient clinic opened it’s doors on February 20, 2014 after 7 long years of construction, all completed by hand. Being built in such a a remote area in Simdega, the hospital has had its fair share of struggles.  Despite initial complications concerning electricity, transportation, running water, and staffing, the hospital is doing well and has treated over 100,000 patients!  

Our Cardiology department opened in 2016.  This week two renowned cardiologists are visiting and will be performing several open heart sugeries and treating many other patients.  Last year our hospital was recognized by the government and certified as the only hospital in the area to accept the new government insurance plan that covers over 500 million citizens in India.  

Our new medical director, George Matthew, accepted his position just under a year ago and many changes have been implemented at the hospital to help increase patient flow and revenue.  Dr. George’s experience in improving hospital standards from the admission process to discharge is helping our doctors and staff be more productive and effective.  We look forward to seeing the hospital become self sufficient in the next 5 years!

The hospital is currently generating enough money to pay some salaries and some bills. The remaining funds are raised by our champions who have heart to reach underserved and underpriviledged people in Northeast India with proper medical care.  Thank you for helping us reach 5 years and serve over 100,000 villagers.  Your generosity truly is making a difference!  

Help us continue to save lives!