Our Rural Medical Services team works diligently several days a week to go out to various remote areas to serve the poor, sick and often dying villagers in Northeast India.  They have helped some individuals form a disabled society, where disabled persons can gather and share with others who understand the difficulties they endure on a daily basis. 

Jema, a young lady age 24, was invited to attend one of the meetings held near her village. There she met a woman who helped her to see that there is hope, afterall.  

Miss Jema, age 24, is from Meromloya village. She has been living in this terrible condition because of a severe physical disability that started affecting her nearly 15 years ago. Her vertebral column is completely bent from her neck to hip.  She can’t stand up straight and over the last 4-5 years the condition has become aggravated. Her mother said that she could not provide the necessary treatment because of their impoverished lifestyle.

Last December during a meeting for this disabled group Jema met Miss Prafullit. Miss Prafullit was a previous patient at SBMC who had suffered from a similar condition for most of her life.  Jema asked her how she was able to stand straight and walk and plead for her help. Miss Prafullit from Lathakhaman underwent total bilateral hip replacement with the help of Shanti Bhavan Medical Center at CMC Vellore in 2016. After the operation physiotherapy was provided by SBMC hospital for 4 months. 

Miss Prafullit was drawn to Jema and escorted her with our Rural Medical Services team to Shanti Bhavan Medical Center.  Jema was examined by our orthopedic surgeon and medical director. X-Rays were taken and they concluded that she is suffering with Ankylosing Spondylitis which is affecting the cervical/lumbar spine and both hip joints. Her hip joint bones are fused together on both sides. She needs treatment in a specialized center for any relief of her suffering. Miss Prafullit is working to help her get the surgery she needs to be able to stand up straight and see the world from a different view! 

Jema desperately wants to see the world as God intended.  She wants to be normal, she wants the chance to love and have children. Jema wants to live her life and do something worthwhile.  She is fighting to have this surgery and we want to help Jema!  This surgery is very expensive and will take months of physiotherapy afterwards.  Jema and her family are very poor and are barely able to feed themselves everyday.  They do not have the funds to dedicate to this surgery.  Can you help Jema stand as she should?  Your gift today can help her!

Help Jema Stand Tall