Kishore was involved in a severe accident this past Friday.  He was admitted to our hospital under the care of Dr. George Mathew. Kishore was hemorrhaging from a massive bleed in the liver and his platelets were depleting quickly. Immediately our team gave him 6 units of fresh blood and platelets. Saturday morning he was given another 9 units of blood. Sunday morning at 9 AM Dr. George Mathew operated on him and he was given another 3 units of blood.

His lesser omentum was totally adhered to the Liver. Dr. George patiently separated and repaired the liver.  Kishore in total received 18 units of blood.  He was unstable for a few days, but two days later he was stable and the bleeding had stopped. We are so thankful for our blood bank team who were prepared with units of blood and also people on standby if more blood was needed as Kishore had a rare blood type.  Dr. George’s patient endurance, steady hands and deep focus were extremely instrumental in saving Kishore’s life.