Amar Samad is doing much better. He is talking and living life more normally and is in good spirits.  On June 13th a press conference was called where our Dr. Hari Babu shared the story of how our Rural Medical Services team found him in a nearby village. Amar will be discharged from the hospital in Kochi on June 21. He returned to his home near Simdega on June 23 where the District Commissioner met with him to talk about his story.  Amar will have several more surgeries ahead, but for now his face and body needs to heal. Please continue to keep Amar in your prayers on this long journey ahead of him.

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Amar enjoyed his reunion with his brother and his home village.  There was a welcome reception and in that our Rural Medical Service team shared about the hospital services and then talked about tuberculosis, personal hygiene and the importance of washing hands and clean water.