Two weeks ago an elderly woman went outside and walked around her mud house near 11pm at night.  Most of the community was quiet and still at this time of the night, but she needed to get something that was left outside.  In India being outside in the evening can be dangerous because of the insects, spiders, snakes and other creatures that lurk in the dark.  Unfortunately, she did not anticipate facing a spooked bull with iron sharp horns while outside for only a few minutes.


Within moments of scaring this bull, she lay unconscious on the ground-her stomach gored open by his horns.  Neighbors who heard the racket ran the bull off.  They gathered her on a sheet as her insides spilled out and rushed her to the hospital that was just miles away.

Dr. George was awakened by security to rush to the hospital and as he scrubbed and prepped the victim was brought in.  She was very lucky that even though her belly was ripped open by the iron sharp horns, her intestines and stomach were all still in tact!  What a miracle that was!  Dr. George was able to replace her insides and stitch everything together.  Her stomach was sutured together with sutures donated to our hospital by Map International, a nonprofit organization that provides life-changing medicines and health supplies people in need all over the world.  We are so thankful for the ability to partner with other nonprofit groups to save lives in India!

Five days post surgery she was released after she was able to move, eat, digest, and take care of herself.  She is home-happy and alive!  We are so thankful for our champions who give to help in the midst of a crisis.  If our hospital services weren’t available for her she wouldn’t have survived the night.