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Warning:  Graphic pictures shown below


Update on his first surgery:

On May 17th “Team Amar” (the doctors, nurses, and techs who were to operate on Amar) gathered together for one more walk through of this surgery.  This team had been working through how to remove the massive tumor from his face and how to reconstruct his face in the most functioning way.  Amar had been living with Chondrosarcoma/Ossifying Fibroma Both Maxilla on his face for many years.
On May 17th at 9am Amar was given anethesia and went under with thoughts that either he may die during surgery or he would wake up with the hope of a new life-free from this deadly tumor that kept him from living normally and in constant pain.  The operation started 9 am and it took 14 hours to complete The doctors were able to completely remove the tumor!  The tumor weighed 5.2 kg!
The facial reconstruction took the longest amount of time. With gentle care the team was able to reconstruct his face.  His original eye ball was preserved and they were able to reattach the eye.  His nose was reconstructed by taking bone from his right leg and they used skin grafts to recover his face.
This past Wednsday they removed the tracheal tube and encouraged Amar to speak.  Today they are planning to get him up and have him try walking a few steps. We will continue to gather information and keep you posted about Amar’s Story!

How you can help this young man discover life beyond this tumor?  Please help Amar during his stay at AIMS hospital by donating today.  Pray for Amar that he will recover quickly and be able to return to his brother in Bano.  Amar has the hope and the future of a greater quality of life.  Doesn’t he deserve it?  By donating directly on our Facebook page your gift can go directly to helping Amar with his expenses.

Help Amar today!

Help Amar Today!