We are so excited to introduce Dr. George Matthew!  Dr. George specializes in Gastroenterology and worked as the Medical College Principal at CMC Vellore in south India (a 2,700 bed hospital with 1,500 full time doctors) for many year.  He is a medical professional who is highly sought after throughout India.  After visiting our hospital a year ago his heart was touched.  He knew that he was called to help the poor and the dying from the remote villages. He accepted our offer to join the SBMC as the Medical Director this past March.

Dr. George is famously known for joining a hospital team and helping it flourish.  He recently completed his contract for a hospital in Indonesia.  This hospital was in dire need of guidance and was months away from having to close it’s doors from lack of revenue.  This 50 bed hospital had 4 doctors and a handful of nurses.  In a period of 3 years, under the guidance of Dr. George, the Indonesian hospital now boasts of 350 beds, 40 doctors and over a hundred of other staff including nurses.  The processes that Dr. George implemented helped this hospital grow and increase patient flow and revenue.  

Dr. George is quite distinguished in the academic world as well.  He has co-authored 65 scientific articles and medical books as well.  He  has also held several academic appoinments over the last 34 years including Research Scholar at University of Adelaide, Principal, Professor and Head of General Surgery Unit at CMC Vellore, and Executive Dean for Faculty of Medicine and Medical school at the Universitas Pelita Harapan.   Dr. George has been doing research for the last 21 years and has conducted 12 major research projects. With his network of contacts, his experience and his resources he will be able to institute a research facility at SBMC in the future.  

On May 5th we initiated Dr. George Mathew as our Medical Director and arranged a Welcome soiree for him at SBMC.  Over 1000 guests attended including government politicians, local leaders and prominent medical professionals. The agenda also includes the dedication of our Nurses’ building. We believe that under the leadership of Dr. George our hospital will see tremendous positive changes including an increase in patient flow and an increase in revenue.  These two factors are the keys to sustainability!

We are providing a vehicle for Dr. George while he is working for SBMC. To purchase a dependable vehicle like a Toyota Innova, the cost is about $30,000.  Currently we don’t have the funds to make this purchase.  Dr. George saw an old jeep on the property and asked to use it.  This jeep hasn’t been started in at least 3 years!  Dr. George says he will drive the jeep until we are able to afford him a car.  Our mechanics have been working on getting this jeep up and running.  

Please help us give a warm welcome to Dr. George and his family.  We expect great things for the future of SBMC!