Warning:  Graphic pictures posted below

On January 12th our Rural Medical Services team visited the small remote village of Bano.  This village is located in the Simdega District and has a population just over 5,000 people.  Like most remote village communities Bano does not have the luxury of running water or electricity.  It takes about 2 hours to drive from SBMC to Bano.

During this visit our medical team saw nearly 100 villagers.  They tested them for tuberculosis, diabetes, malaria, and other diseases.  Ms. Karuna, our lead nurse, educated these villagers on sanitation, proper hand washing techniques, and the spread of disease through the use of audio/visual aids.

The most interesting patient to meet Dr. Haribabu was a 19 year old boy name Amar Samad.  Amar and his little brother are orphans.  Dr. Haribabu explored the unsightly, huge growth on Amar’s face.  This tumor had been growing for years.  Amar is the only one cares for his younger brother and didn’t have the opportunity or the time to get help.  Dr. Haribabu brought Amar to SBMC to meet with a visiting plastic surgeon.

Amar was seen by Dr. Elvino who is the Professor, Dept of Plastic Surgery at Christian Medical College and Hospital in Vellore.  Dr. Elvino visits from CMC Vellore every few months to perform charity surgeries on the poor and needy. The diagnosis for Amar was Chondrosarcoma/Ossifying Fibroma Both Maxilla.  These are definitions to help you understand what that means:

Chondrosarcoma is a cancer composed of cells derived from transformed cells that produce cartilage.

Ossifying fibromas form a part of the spectrum of fibro-osseous lesions of the jaws. They are rare, benign, nonodontogenic tumors that are commonly seen in the head, and neck region. Patients generally present with a history of painless expansion of a tooth bearing portion of the mandible, whereas the lesions of the maxilla are less common.

Dr. Elvino was inspired by this case and went back to CMC Vellore with the hope that Amar could go to South India to be treated.  SBMC isn’t fully equipped to perform these kinds of surgeries and for the followup care.  Dr. Elvino approached CMC Vellore about bearing the medical expenses of the surgery and care for this young man, but to no avail.  So, Amar went back home.

Our team at SBMC and Dr. Elvino did not give up hope for Amar.  His pictures and scans were shown to several other doctors with a promise of hope for restoration!  Several doctors wanted the opportunity to help Amar.  Finally, the Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences in Kerala offered to care for Amar and bear his hospital expenses.

Amar arrived at AIMS hospital on May 7th. The first operation is due to happen between May 15 and May 17.  Amar is responsible to bear the expenses for his food and medicines and these will add up quickly.  As we mentioned before, Amar is an orphan caring for himself and his young brother.  They have no relatives and currently no income since Amar will be out of work. He will need several surgical procedures for complete facial reconstruction and opthalmology care.  Post operative care includes slowly adapting to new feeding conditions and Amar can be discharged when he fully recovers and is capable of eating and drinking on his own.

The Discovery Channel picked up the details of this particularly rare case and wanted to help Amar!  They helped him get to the AIMS hospital by bearing the travel expenses to Kerala.  The Discovery Channel is currently creating a documentary of Amar’s Story.

What about you?  How you can help this young man discover life beyond this tumor?  Please help Amar during his stay at AIMS hospital by donating today.  Pray for Amar that he will recover quickly and be able to return to his brother in Bano.  Amar has the hope and the future of a greater quality of life.  Doesn’t he deserve it?  By donating directly on our Facebook page your gift can go directly to helping Amar with his expenses.

Help Amar today!